Oars and ergs – You use them, we fix them and keep them in good working order for you!

Repairs and upgrades are essential for prolonging the life of your equipment.

Contact us at info@rowfit.ie or +353 (0)87 768 0636 for a quote

Oar Maintenance & Servicing (includes labour, parts and VAT. )

Re Sleeve Scull €40.00
Re Sleeve Sweep €40.00
New Spoon SCULL – Removal & Replacement €140.00
New Spoon SWEEP – Removal & Replacement €140.00
SCULL Collar/Button – Removal & Replacement €8.00
SWEEP Collar/Button – Removal & Replacement €8.00
Scull Grips 10cm adj (no core) – Removal & Replacement €15.00
Scull Grips 5cm adj (with core) – Removal & Replacement €15.00
Sweep Outer Grip – Removal & Replacement €15.00
Sweep Inner Grip – Removal & Replacement €12.00
Vortex Edge SCULL (no cutting required) €8
Vortex Edge SWEEP (no cutting required) €8
Vortex Edge SCULL including cutting down spoon €15.00
Vortex Edge SWEEP including cutting down spoon €15.00
Shaft Crack repair (where possible) €40.00
SWEEP Wooden Handle – Removal & Replacement €90.00
5cm Adjustable SWEEP Handle replacement/Fitting €117.00
5cm Adjustable SCULL Handle replacement/Fitting €90.00

Rowing Machine RowERG, SkiERG & BikeERG Servicing

Standard Service of a maintained Rowing Machine takes 30 minutes minimum and includes:

  • Bungee inspection & Tighten
  • Track inspection, tighten & clean
  • Monitor Firmware upgrades
  • Fan Clean out & remount
  • Chain Clean & Oil
  • Complete screw-check & tighten
  • Before & After Drag test + verification

Poor repairs and lack of maintenance can increase the length of the service required.

If you require an estimate please number your machines and detail what is wrong with each along with their model type. Please note we only service Concept 2 machines.

Upon initial inspection we endeavour to inform the customer of any safety issues and additional part requirements before undertaking work.

We charge €50 per hour (ex VAT) and a minimum call-out of 2 hours.

Bungees (shock Cords), Chains, Sprockets, Performance Monitors, Handles and axles are some of the more common replacement parts:

14 Tooth Quiet Sprocket €18.95
Battery Door Thumbscrew—PM4 and PM5 Monitor €2.00
Flywheel Axle—Model D and E €32.95
Footstrap (Single) €6.30
Handle Retrofit Kit—Model B,C €23.73
Indoor Rower Handle with Grips €25.00
Nickel Chain with Connectors €49.50
Shock Cord €20.33
Thumbscrew Battery Door €1.50
Track/Tape Assembly with Rivets—Model C, D, E €31.84