PM5 Monitor Model D (monitor and batteries only)

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PM5 Monitor Model D (monitor and batteries only)


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PM5 (Perfomance Monitor 5)

Model DModel E, and Dynamic Indoor Rowers from October 2014 to present

SkiErgs from September 2014 to present

Retrofittable to all older Concept2 Indoor Rowers and SkiErgs

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Current PM5 Firmware versions are:

  • Indoor rowers—Version 166 or 29
  • SkiErgs—Version 866 or 729
  • BikeErg—Version 325

The version you need for your machine type depends on the hardware version your PM5 runs. Learn More | Update


  • Takes two D cell batteries
  • Indoor rower or SkiErg supplies power to the monitor during use


  • Features backlit display
  • ANT+ and Bluetooth Smart wireless heart rate monitoring with compatible equipment
  • Compatible with USB flash drive (FAT and FAT32 formats only) for storing workout data and updating firmware
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