Oars and ergs – You use them, we fix them and keep them in good working order for you!

Repairs and upgrades are essential for prolonging the life of your equipment.

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Pricelist Oar Maintenance & Servicing (includes labour, parts and VAT)

Re Sleeve SCULL €35
Re Sleeve SWEEP €35
New Spoon SCULL €127
New Spoon SWEEP €127
SCULL Collar/Button €8
SWEEP Collar/Button €8
SCULL Grips €12
SWEEP Outer Grip €12
SWEEP Inner Grip €7
Vortex Edge SCULL no cutting required €5
Vortex Edge SWEEP no cutting required €5
Vortex Edge SCULL including cutting down spoon €14
Vortex Edge SWEEP including cutting down spoon €14
Shaft Crack repair €24
Wooden Handle Replacement €76
5cm Adjustable SWEEP Handle replacement/Fitting €93
5cm Adjustable SCULL Handle replacement/Fitting €70